Cindy Schulson

Jim Parks

Tony Passera

Yvonne Cutright


Alicia Andersen

"Coaching Cognition was the 'missing link' to moving my business forward."


Rick Wyatt

"Coaching Cognition is solely responsible for putting all of my thoughts, ideas, and training into perspective. Without Coaching Cognition, I would not be where I am now with my business."


Jan Foster

"I've come to realize how valuable coaching is for all areas of life—not just for trying to grow a business. I SEE the bigger picture now of empowering a person to discover their own solutions. Learning HOW to empower another person in this way has actually empowered me!!"


Richard Dowell

"The best online training program I have encountered. Thank you for making it available."


Morris Fisher

"A great program at an affordable price. Great community. Other programs are much more expensive and do not have the support that Coaching Cognition has."


Becky Joubert

"Because of Coaching Cognition, I've learned to ask the 'right' questions in order to produce the response necessary to see a way around the client's coaching roadblock. I'll never regret being in the right place at the right time for including Coaching Cognition in my goals."


Jerry Chen

"I know the systematic and professional approach of Coaching Cognition is going to help me push the value meter up even further, at the same time releasing me from having to deal with the administrative work so I can totally focus on providing for the clients."


Debbie Gibson Harr

"I believe that Coaching Cognition is a very valuable and beneficial course from a Personal Development point of view, even if you don't plan on getting involved in coaching immediately."


LeeAnn McVey

"The thing I found to be most beneficial from personal coaching with Barbara is her "OPW!" tool. This is a tool that put the 'wow' factor back into my marriage. OPW is making the other person you are with feel like they are the 'Only Person in the World'. I am thrilled to see someone of Barbara's caliber being able to share her special gift with others by offering a program such as Coaching Cognition to the rest of the world."


Marie Leonard

"I was one of the skeptics until I started getting coaching. What a difference another point of view makes. It's wonderful to have someone act like a mirror for your thoughts. It actually helped me be much clearer about my goals. Listen to this once upon a time skeptic and try it, you'll like it."


Judith Costa

"After finding the right professional coach, I was able to step forward with new confidence and strength. I know that coaching is imperative to my health both personally and professionally."


Greg Gust

"I hired my first coach this year and saw first hand how a Coach can help accelerate a persons progress. I really think the coaching course would help all people whether they wanted to coach or not. I recommend that everyone try a coach - it could be life changing."


Lois Zehr

"I would say that I am more effective in all areas of my life that have to do with relating to people because of the things I have learned in coaching. Coaching Cognition has been an awesome experience for me. It opened up my mind to more possibilities for others and myself. Anyone and everyone can use a coach!"


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